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mp3 disks creation comfort?

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Guest alys

I have to compile a MP3 songs disk for my kid, to play in MP3 compatible audio system, but it seems I cannot do it with comfort.

I need to organize the order of songs by moving elements of songs lists in a window of selected tracks, but it works only in AudioCD mode, but, it seems, there files are automatically converted from MP3 to CDA file format.

If I try to record it in DataDisk mode - I cannot move elements of a list of tracks. So if you have about 70-80 tracks it is not too simple to edit the track order.



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MP3 CDs, or data discs with MP3 files on them, retain the songs' original filenames. Most players will play MP3 audio files in alphabetical order; thus, "Bennie And The Jets" plays before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" plays before "We Are The Champions".

The simplest (though time-consuming) way around this is to add numbers to the beginning of the MP3 files before burning the disc, so that "01SmellsLikeTeenSpirit" plays before "02WeAreTheChampions". Renaming utilities

(http://www.webxpace.net/cgi-bin/countdo ... enamer.zip)

can be a big help with this, though you'll have to be tricky to take advantage of them.

If you have big chunks which are in the correct order in relation to each other but not to the rest of the files, use numbered folders, which are also usually opened in alpha order.....

If there's a better way, I haven't found it yet :S Hope this was helpful.....

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thus, "Bennie And The Jets" plays before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" plays before "We Are The Champions".

Thanks, GammaRay. But.

We definitely need a "project" for this kind of disks, because sometimes we need to insert some new tracks into haven collection. And burn a new CD. Or we need to reorder old collection for some reasons...

In this product we have a good chance to make a job with native AudioCD. But not with MP3 tracks.


We start a new AudioCD mode, but burner have a option - MP3 disk. So we can reorder our collection by hands, save it as a project, but burner on a fly must rename files (via some rule, adding leading numbers, for example), to preserve the order we have. Thats all! programm code needs only additional files renaming procedure on the fly. Source files should not be renamed of course.

this commercial burner do this - http://www.acoustica.com/download.htm



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