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Will XPBurnerPro burn .WAV files that can be read on a home stereo cd reader ou car cd reader? I haven't found any topics on this subject in this forum. I burned a few cd's with Roxio Easy CD Burner 8 and now I can only burn CD's that will be read on a computer.


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CDBurnerXP will burn audio CDs which can be read in a stereo (New Compilation, Create Audio CD). You can throw a few different audio formats at it, and it will convert them all to standard 44.1 WAV and burn a standard ("Red Book") audio CD from those files. However, the resulting Audio CD does not contain WAV files.

When you ask about burning WAV files, your intent is not quite clear. Yes, you can burn an Audio CD from WAV files, and this CD can be read in a standard stereo. But no, you can't burn a CD with WAV files on it, as very few stereos will play .wav files..... I hope that made sense.

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