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CD Burner XP Pro review 'Confessions of a freeware junkie'

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Thanks, nice blog entry :)

No 1:1 disc copy support (major)

While CDBurnerXP will support some sort of disk copying, we will never offer methods to "clone" CDs, bypassing copy protections and the like. So don't hope for it ;)

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Guest qc_metal_anon

I understand what you are saying, but why not include the ability to copy normal discs and not worry about avoiding copyright protection? I mean, a lot of people actually do backup their CDs this way. You have to admit, this is a commonly asked for feature. Remember the bru-haha regarding the VCR? "The Court then established that the technology inventor is not responsible for illegal uses of it's product as long as there are credible legal uses."

My opinion is that one shouldn't try to control what people do with one's software, rather, give them the features the end-users want (within reason), and in this case, what all the other big-boys can do.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is your decision not to include this feature, but I felt that I must at least view my opinion of your decision.

Best regards either way, you have an awesome program!


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I guess I meant when you said "we didn't exclude it" - does that mean that the code is there, but you didn't enable it? Just curious.

Also, none of this is meant to get anyone worked up, I just wanted to express my opinion, and get a feel for where you guys were coming from.

Thanks again for your responses...


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What I want to say is that we won't look into bypassing copy protection. If the features our burning library provides do not include it, we won't (can't can't even) try to implement it.

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