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Does CDBurnerXP work with windows vista? I just upgraded and am saddened as a long term user that it doesn't seem to work

Ill run through the issue

1) when i log in it says "you are running windows NT or 95, the program may not run under those systems!"

I then say ok and go into the program where all appears well but alas it is not and this leads to issue 2

2) When I click to make a new aud$$$io cd I get error 339 that has a describtion "componeent 'digitexts.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly regist.... the procedure is called "cmdAudioCD_Click"

I am using version 3.0.116



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Thanks for that.

I note you are being somewhat tight lipped about the release of a compatible version. Can you give any indication?

ie will it be weeks or months?

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i don't know why anyone still doesn't post this to the forum (because of the new version/or lame users?!) and you haven't spent some time trying to solve by yourself:

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\CDBurnerXP Pro 3\digitexts.ocx"

maybe it should work on some optical drives - who knows...

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I have windows vista also and nothing is compatible with it. I paid $72 for this and can't even find anyone to give back the money. I call the # and it says it is invalid. I wonder if this is a scam?


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