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Dual-Layer DVD+R not Bootable with known good boot image

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- A "bootable" DVD+R DL (Memorex 8.5GB, 240min, 2.4 speed) media with a known good 2.88M boot image does not boot in the two client machines I tested it in, a Dell OptiPlex GX280 and GX620.


- I'm using a Dual Layer DVD drive to burn the media: Sony DVD RW DRU-820A (Dual Layer capable)


- I've created bootable CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD-R and they all boot with a 1.44 or 2.88M boot image.

- I can successfully make a working Dual Layer DVD with approx 6G of info, I just have not seen a Dual Layer DVD+R boot yet.


- Is there some tweaking that needs to be done to the Boot properties when we use Dual Layer DVD+Rs to make them bootable?

Thank you,

Brian Jester

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