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mother [removed] does not work

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Guest erher

[removed] [removed], the mofo doesnt work and it screwd up my dvd. go to [removed]! learn how to code!

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Guest HHH

Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!! Your obviously a little boy in your grandmama's basement that thinks

it cool to cuss because secretly deep inside you know that you get your lunch money stolen

from kids two years younger than you!! Besides, what are you trying to copy movies illegally?

You don't have any integrety either. When you grow up and learn how to use a computer

come back.....

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Guest Core_sa

Talk about low class, you embarrassing yourself there son, have you no respect did your parents never teach you any manners?

It is unfortunate that people insist on dragging others down instead of trying to contribute, so you have problems ok you will have many more in life (especially with that attitude) but how about forwarding a "constructive" report of what problems you are having along with your machine and burner specs. This would allow the developers the chance to resolve any glitches / problems as they go along.

This program performs all request well and provides the functionality I require, have had no problems with it so far. If you are having problems with the software I would personally check the integrity of my .iso / data / blank media and the burning equipment itself.

Thanks for the great software guys


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Guest rmckim

Just a word of advice - if your grandmother ever heard you say what you wrote, she'd be disappointed in you. Never write the eff word and use it rarely in conversation, if ever.

I tried this program a few years ago during its development and had a few probs, but they were mostly my own. A few emails were exchanged, the developers emailed me a suggestion or two, and it worked just fine.

As I went towards dual layer I had (I mean twist my arm) to go back to roxio/sonic and nero, two of the most overrated apps IMHO... mostly smoke and mirrors, not true functionallity. Nero is annoying but roxio/sonic is downright outrageous. I mean just where does roxio/sonic get the cajohnes to ram their configuration agenda down our throats? If I could get my hands around the development mgr's throat I'd.......

I can't wait for the latest CD Burner Pro iteration! Since I refuse to use PayPal which I put in the same category as roxio/sonic, give us an address to send a check or MO to.

Thanks for EVERYTHING. You guys are great IMHO.

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