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Translation of CDBurnerXP

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Hi, I have translated the previous version to Bulgarian. And I'll be glad to update the translation for this version too. :)

Edit: Waiting to receive a translator access. Thank you.


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Hi Flo,

First a comment about the error handling, I found out:


I sended a error report 2 minutes ago because I pressed ENTER after the "Hi". Please make the ENTER work, or catch the ENTER so that the error message isn't sent immediately after pressing ENTER. Just to let you know.

I got this error after starting the program, and then press the Data Disc button (left one). I am working remote. With Remote Desktop Connecting supported @ Windows XP Professional. And I didnt restart my computer at that moment, when I did all worked OK. Maybe improve or create error handling for that :)


What a wanted to say about Translation is that I would like to do the Dutch translation. I read that there already was a dutch translation in version 3.5. Maybe you have the XML or something from that version?

I dont have that many time too, but will do my best, and hopefully it will succeed :)

Please add me to the Translators forum! Nice new website, nice forum :)

Have a nice day

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Guest jdrillon12@hotmail.com

Pour "Colok"

Dans la fenêtre qui s'ouvre quand on veut créer un disque de boot, il me semble qu'il serait plus exact et plus clair de traduire:

"Disable ISO Version Number Extension (;1)" par

"Désactiver l’extension du numéro de version de l’ISO(;1)".

Merci d'avance.

J. Drillon

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