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We managed to release the new (private) beta version as scheduled -if you are a donor, beta tester or translator you can now start testing :-)

We also found a good number of translators for now, thanks to all of you. However, there is more that needs to be done. Since I joined the development now, I don't have any time left to maintain the help file anymore - so if there is someone who'd like to do that we'd be very happy.

We only need one or two persons for that, but there are some requirements:

- you need to speak - or at least write - English fluently (translations of the helpfile will be possible, but not if we don't have a finished English one to start with)

- you need to have plenty of time, at least until the first version of the help file is finished. Maintaining won't be that much time consuming, but the creation is a good amount of work.

- you need to know how to create screenshots and at least more or less how a help file should be structured

- you should be familiar with Wiki syntax and know what a Wiki is ;-)

You won't start at zero, there is an old version of the helpfile you can use as basis (http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help/faq). All editing will be done web based (dokuwiki).

Let me know if you think that you're up to it :-)

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