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After a DVD Video Burner ???

Guest cOoLJoJo

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Guest cOoLJoJo

( Sorry for my bad english, I am French)

Hello !!!!!!!!!!!

I have a big problem !!!!!

I have burn some video (~4.3Go) on a DVD an when I want to play the video with ALL my players, I have this error: "Unknown File" ????!

But before the burning, I have play the video with a player and it worked perfectly !!!

There's a big problem no ?

Why After burn my video with CDBurner XP Pro 2.28, I can't play the videos on the DVD ???? :(

And it's not all ! I have , after this problem, Burn an another CD with another videos, but I have had the same problem !!!!!!!!!!!!? :(:(

So, someone can help me PLEASE ?????????????????? WHy I have this bug ?

PLEASE Help me, morever, I have delete the video I had already burned, and now, because to this problem, I can't recover my videos !!!!!! :(

PS: All my codecs are OK.

Thanks in advance for all !

see you

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Can your dvd-drive read this dvd?

How did you burn these files ??

Perhaps you try to read this cd with "Isobuster", perhaps it can read this dvd!

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Guest cOoLJoJo


I have click on DVD data burner and I have put all my video into the window and Burn !

it's all, I have not see what mode I have use....so, it's the default option !!!

But I am sure that my DVD-drive is compatible with the DVD

( I had already burned some data on one and it was worked...but now...sniff).

:( :( :(

It's NEVER happen to someone here , please ?

I have 2 dvd-drive and the DVD I have burned not work on the 2 burn-drive !

...please help me....

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest rep

No ! not now anymore !!!!!

So ? What can I do for recover my video on the DVD or other thing ?


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