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CDBurnerXP 4.0 final released

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Finally, 3 years after the latest release we proudly announce our new CDBurnerXP version: 4.0.

There were lots of changes, first and foremost it has been rewritten in VB.NET (info: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help/Appendice ... out-dotnet).

Basically, we removed a lot of features and instead improved just that which is necessary for the main task - burning discs. That also explains the reduced file size, now 2MB instead of more than 10. Here are the most important changes:

- Support for new technologies like Double layer DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs

- Internationalisation (i18n): Support for multi-byte characters on discs and translations of the program

- Support for FLAC audio files

- disc-to-disc copy for audio and data

- Save discs and compilations as ISO file

- Support for WPL playlists

- XML based project files for interoperability

- fixed many bugs of 3.0.116 and 3.5

We'd like to thank all donors for supporting us, all translators for your hard work and of course our beta testers who helped us to rule out (hopefully) most issues before the final release.

If you find any issues with either the new website or CDBurnerXP 4.0, please let us know in a separate thread in the bugs-forum.

Have fun :-)

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Beautiful piece of software, it's got basically everything one can wish for. Everything is where you would expect it to be, quite simple and intuitive. So far i haven't looked back at Nero once!

Nothing but complements from me.

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Guest Dri

My Kaspersky also detected something suspicious. When I was installing he send an alert that is a "PDM.Suspicious driver installation" and asks if I want to remove, install or quarantine.

I don't know why Kaspersky thinks this new version of CDburnerXP is a virus.



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