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v4.0.13.220 issues with ISO building + media size detecting

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Firstly, I'm really happy v4 is finally out! As always, you've done a really good job ;)

[CUT, problems solved]

The only problem I still have is this:

Starting from a previously home made data dvd with 3 AVIs, total size about 2,5GB, I build an ISO with CDBXPP.

The resulting file, however, is 705MB of size (ISO created with ImgBurn is of 2,5GB instead) and is impossible to open with 7zip, but when written on a RW dvd windows explorer shows the media is 2,5GB of size, and all 3 AVI files are present. But when I try to open any of the 3 videos, my media player (mplayerclassic) says "buffering", which didn't happen with the original dvd.

I've full erased the RW dvd to discover if the wrong size shown by CDBXXP could depend on the fact that the disc has been quick erased a lot of times, but only a few times full erased.

The result is the same, writing the ISO created with CDBXXP I have 3 unreadable files.

There's more: the disc created with CDBXPP from the correct ISO (imgburn) contains the 3 files which are all readable.

But when I open CDBXPP with the disc in the drive, I'm offered to continue a multisession disc. If I accept, the size of the medium shown by CDBXPP is again of 705MB instead of 2.5GB!

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