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[C] "Erase" erroneous behavior

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Currently there's an issue in the "Erase" button/menu and "Erase Disc" dialog.

If "Quick Erase" is selected in the "Erase" button/menu, then a "Full Erase" will be preselected (and performed) when the "Erase Disc" dialog opens, and the way around (when "Full Erase" is selected, then a "Quick Erase" will be performed).

My guess is that this is an event mix up, rather than a simple resource exchange: "Quick Erase" and "Full Erase" appear in the expected order in the "Erase" button/menu ("Quick Erase" comes first).

Just erased a CD-RW about 5-6 times trying to figure this out... :-D

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