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  1. Thanks Flo & Helpdesk. In answer to your questions I am using the latest version of your software and running it on Windows XP. My DVD player is a Sony DAV-X1 which is part of the Dream System. It plays all formats so this isn't the issue. I have used Nero in the past without difficulty.
  2. Yes, the entire row across the top is black. On another note I followed the instructions (changed settings to UDF) but still didn't work. I am wondering if I am using the wrong file format. What format should the file be in that I am burning?
  3. Found it!! It is in the black area at the top of the program (very hard to find) Thanks!
  4. Hi Flo, thanks for the reply however I may be looking at something altogether different since I have no "menu" option. Across the top of my program I see the following: New, Open, Save, Close, Erase, Burn, Drop Box, Disc, Recorder, Eject, Close, Options, Update, Weblinks, About, Help????
  5. I searched the help section and here is the answer I found: A: You have to burn a Video-DVD using the UDF file format which is only supported by CDBurnerXP 4.0 and higher (File → DVD Video layout). Problem: Where within the program can I find "file" or any other aspect of the software that will allow me to change the settings to UDF? Sorry I may be asking a dumb question but I am unable to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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