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Not Responding!!

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Thanks for the heads up about the blank CD. Tried that, realise that that's the cause of it hanging. Still hangs as soon as I click okay to the 'Data Disk' on the splash screen.

This arrived out of the blue for me - did a lot of research on CDBurner, worked brilliantly, didn't upgrade, then suddenly started doing this.

My thought was that WinXP (Pro) had done some sort of upgrade in the background OR that I added some bit of software that conflicts. Though God knows what that would be.

Happened about two weeks ago.

Upgraded, uninstalled, upgraded again etc. - still hangs.

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I have used CDBurnerXP for some time now and never had a problem. Just recently I did a clean install of XP on 2 PCs. When I create a data disk, the process completes and I can eject the CD or DVD from the drive. As soon as I try to cancel out of the program it stops responding. Not only that, but it severely impacts XP in that I can no longer run any programs nor can I shut the PC down. The reason is that the CDPurnerXP process is running and cannot be stopped by either Windows Task Manager or even a program such as task killer. I had used BitDefernder for some time and switched to Webroot Internet Security Essentials. I do not recall having to problem with that software but switched back to BitDefender for other reasons. I will try uninstalling Bitdefender and using Webroot again to see if that stops the problems I am having with CDBurnerXP.

I saw other posts indicating that many people have this same problem. I hope it is resolved soon as this is one great program and I depend on it so much. Unfortunately, I can't keep doing a hard reboot every time it hangs and messes up my PC.

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