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Basic problem .... ?

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I quickly installed cdburner xp tonight as my crappy old CD Creator 5 Basic kept throwing up memory access violations 60% through a burn (2 beer mats so far..).

I quickly tried to burn the album to play in my car on the way back from work.

Seemed to go fine - but the cd stops at the end of each track ! I have to manually skip to the next track each time.

I presume there is something fundamental I overlooked when quickly burning this CD - can anyone put me right here ?



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Aha ! ... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5141

This is exactly what happened I think.

Also got messages about too many tracks when there clearly was a bit of spare room left on the CD !

And if I forward wind track 1,say, the counter goes on for many seconds of "phantom" space.

Hmm .. Nero burns Lame-encoded vbr mp3's to cd-a OK ... so maybe something to do with this freeware ?

Please understand I don't want to sound like an ingrate - just interested :D

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