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Can't burn a data CDR

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I was able to burn an audio disc without problems..but when I tried to burn a data disc, it failed. Here are the parameters I set beforehand: 1) 2XA mode, 2) 40x burn speed, 3) Buffer-underrun protect -on-, 4) verify -off-, 5) finalize disc... (also: My LG GCE 8520B drive supports 52x but CDBXP 4 doesn't recognize 52x for some reason..CDBXP 3 does).

When I try to burn a data cdr, the burn progress bar doesn't work, and after about 3 minutes, I get this error pop-up window:

Device Error:(403712) Could not write to disc (LBA: - 150 Length:26). Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Occurred. - 0x062900

When I use CDBXP 3, I can burn data discs perfectly. Any ideas? Thanks :|

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Some additional 'news'...

I tried to burn a data CDR without 2XA mode and it worked.. BUT the program doesn't 'see' my inserted CDR until I go from the first screen (add files, etc.), hit the 'burn' button (selecting the option to set 'settings'), and then I get an 'error' message saying that a CDR hasn't been inserted (asking me if I want to re-try)... I then select 're-try', and then it finally detects my blank CDR, and then I can burn my data disc (non-2XA mode). I want to be able to use 2XA mode since I burn alot of video files to CDR.

I hope this additional info will help in debugging this anomaly... :shock:

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Hi there,

Same problem here, with exactly the same error message.

I'm using CDBurnerXP (also tried 4.0.013) with a Lite-On Combo SOHC-4836K (SQK5 firmware).

Burn options: Burn speed 48x, DAO, use buffer protection, Mode 2XA, Finalize Disc, Eject after burning.

When I deselect Mode 2XA, the same disc writes without errors. Drive issue?

Also no problems when using other software (DeepBurner, FinalBurner).

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Guest shevopato

Same error, same parameters, same DVD-RW. But, I do burned CDs at 32x. I don't know why 40x doesn't work.

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