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Guest Ant


What is the purpose of nmsaccessu.exe? I noticed this in my XP Pro. SP2's task manager. Do we need to have this running and can it be disabled or enabled only when needed?

Thank you in advance.

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from cheetahburner.com

Manually Install NMSAccessU.exe

This service will provide CD/DVD access for any user under NT/XP/2000 regardless of Security Policies.


NMSAccess must only be used on NT4/2000/XP systems (Not Windows 98/ME/95). You must have Administrative Rights to install or remove the service. After installation, every time the machine boots, NMSAccess will start automatically as needed.

Flo could just have said that, since system services properties tab is empty.


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Guest tomas.kuba

I did some investigation in registers and found that the problem with missing description is (most probably) caused by the bug in the installer. It seems that the installer saves the description under the wrong registry key (so there are NMSAccess instead of NMSAccessU) and moreover, it confuses value with data - see the registry export:


"Allows Non-Admins to use the CDBurnerXP Application"="Description"











"Description"="Allows Non-Admins to use the CDBurnerXP Application"













Hope this helps :-)


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What about Vista? And what about on XP if you're an admin-level user (or on Vista if you run the program with "Run as administrator")? Is it still necessary?

on XP if your account has "administrator" priviledges and no other non-admin account needs it, then you shouldnt need to install it.

i dunno about vista.. but probably need to set it up in some dark control panel corner..

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Still present in what I dloaded today (the apparent key differential).

As far as being surprised at it...I'm not sure about y'all, but I clearly saw an install option to allow non-admin accounts (all accounts? Something like that) to access the CD. Check it, and you get this exe as a prize. Simple enough, I'd think.

And yes, soon as I moved the description over to NMSAccessU instead of NMSAccess, the description shows just fine in the services MMC window.

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Guest Richard

I found this process running on my XP Pro SP2 system today. I'm disturbed that this is loaded and occupying processor time whether I need it or not. I don't like clandestine stuff lurking around on my system. Why can't this thing load along with CDBXP, only when needed? Is it needed at all?

I'd sure like to be rid of it.


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