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Boot cd issue


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Hi folks,

after creating a boot cd, the pc doesn't boot on it. There ins't problem with Nero.

Soft/hard :

- Vista Home Premium

- CDBurnerXP V4.0.013.220

- Toshiba CD/DVDW TS-L632D

CDBurnerXP parameters :

- Image : mine and yours

- Emulation : floppy 1.44 and 2.88Mo

- ISO level : Level1

- Load segment : 7C0

- Sectors : 1

Nero parameters :

- Emulation : floppy 1.44

- Load segment : 07C0

- Sectors: 1

Any clue ?

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I've already read this topic.

I don't want creating a bootable Windows XP CD, just a bootable DOS CD.

Look my post. It runs with Nero with the same parameters.

I think it's a bug not a general discussion.

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Then again it's a bug in our burning library, and since this is not under our control it's rather low priority (need to contact vendor, reproduce, test case etc.) at the moment. If it is an impotant bug, there will be enough users to constantly remind us of the problem and we'll eventually look into it.

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lol, yes I understand the problem!

As ever if there is any testing / investigating / proving required you know where to ask! Programing however I leave to the experts ;-)

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Good idea!!

For the next version we will remove all parts of CDBXP that possibly have bugs - then we have a 100% bug free program. Here is an early preview of the bug free CDBXP 5.0.

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Guest tovod-everett

Urp. After a few hours of going crazy (and 10 coasters), I finally found a workaround for my particular problem (converting a VLA XP SP2 Bootable CD to OEM) - I ripped the ISO, then hexedited the ISO to swap the Pid value, then burned the resultant ISO.

I can confirm some very weird behavior with the bootable stuff. At one point I started creating ISOs and viewing them with IsoBuster and found some strangeness . . . I'm running CDBurnerXP under Vista Home Premium.


* Despite telling it that I only wanted ISO9660/JOLIET, I got UDF every time!

* The existing bootable CD image I have shows a BootCatalog.cat and a *.img file, both of size 2048. When I try to create a bootable CD ISO using CDBurnerXP with the extracted .img file, no emulations, 4 sectors, I end up with only a BootCatalog.cat and no *.img file when I view the ISO with IsoBuster.

* It also seems like I'm getting corrupted ISO9660 filesystems under some circumstances (seems to be related to the status of the ISO suffix checkbox, but I'm sleep deprived at this point and having a hard time getting consistent results).

Thanks for any fixes down the road!

--Toby Ovod-Everett

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