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[C] Copy ISO Disc - ability to specify number of copies?

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Firstly may I thank you on producing such a fantastic free product!

I do quite alot of disc to disc copies and sometime need to do multiple copies, so to this end I was thinking it would be quite a nice feature to be able to specify in the copy ISO disc dialog the number of copies ??

Many Thanks


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I would like to second that, beeing able to set a number of copies would be essential for me!

Beside that, maybe anybody can answer this question in general and just for curiosity purposes:

I have been looking through dozens of "lean type" burning software

using this 2/4pane window like you do here. I do not understand, why almost none of these

offers this "number of copies" feature? All bloatware does, Nero, Ashampoo, Winoncd...!

But I am simply sick of these and their struggle to controll my work and PC.

- is this not supported by whatever libraries commonly used by all those "lean type" softwares?

- I considered this simply a repetitive task, as probably the required ISO is already created

Where is the problem ?

Thanks for your info !


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Hi Flo,

It's rather low priority, because one more click for each copy (that is, on the "burn disc" button") will just do the same.

Thank you for answering this!

However, this feature should definitely not have low priority!

It absolutely depends on what you do. Quite often I have to create

small (5-10 DVDs) series for distribution. Believe me, having X small

piles with naturally(printable) unlabeled DVDs of different number on

your desk, beeing occupied with other work while the burner does his job,

you are definitely greatfull, if the burning software does the "counting" job

for you!


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It does make it easier... especially when you're leaving a big 10x copy running in the background as you're working... then the tray just ejects every now and again and you whack another disc in... seems simple but a good feature..

Also why no on-the-fly disc to disc? Is this a hard to implement feature?

Many thanks

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Hi CRNeo,

hi MODs and ADMINs,

get me right please, this is no way ment to critisice!!

I can´t help, something is wrong with that "make multiple copies" feature!

Not a single one of these recent "non bloatware burners", whether freeware

or shareware, does it. But hey, "not high priority" can not be the reason for

that, this feature is asked for to often! Difficulties in programming a loop to

repeat a given job, no this can not be the problem. So what is it?

- agreements with the big players not to offer that feature?

- some mystic doom hanging over burner programming scene?

- do you use some kind of SDK that is free as long as you do not offer

burning multiple copies?

Among so many similar and lookalike burners, every possible step is taken

to differ from each other and this feature is missed by everyone?

Give me a break please :-)

The more I dig into that feature, the more this becomes mysterious!

Who is out there and knows better and brings some light into this?

Thank you!


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i like to see this to not later now take a page out of InfraRecorder book and use that app to make what the way it good to make yours better i would use cd burnerxp pro all the time if you had some of the stuff the open source one InfraRecorder had if you did you be perfect

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Dear Haglunds!

Thank you for your really excelent program! I use it on all my PCs succesfully and happily.

Only one thing push me to use other cdwriter program sometimes that multi copy doesn't possible. I create the ISO with CDBurnerXP and than switch to an other ISO burner. That program opens the tray and give a bell after the copy is ready. This function would be very confortable in a future release.

Thank you in advance: Olivér

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Well, in hopes that it will make it something slightly above a "low priority" feature, I will add my 2 cents here...

I create open session compilations (demo CDs) and then finalize the CD with registration keys, etc when fulfilling the order. I need a software solution that will burn, eject, repeat in order to build an inventory of demo CDs in the background while I do other work.

I am (unfortunately) moving to Vista in another week or so, and I know my current software will not work with Vista (EZ CD Creator 5 - believe it or not, the only software I know of that does what I need, please suggest something if you know of another package, preferably Vista capable). I have tested Nero and gone a few rounds with their support folks, but while they have the option on the screen for number of copies, I cannot burn multiple copies of a multi-session open (not finalized) disc.



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"multiple copies", for all those needing this feature seriously, imgburn, as a non bloatware burner, does

it exactly as needed and, unlike the name might propose, it does it for your collection of files too, not only for ISOs.


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Hi Jockel.

I also use ImgBurn, but mainly for burning audio cuesheets since also cdbrunerxp doesn't support cuesheets.

I think that this feature (burning multiple copies) among with burning mp4 files and cuesheets could be implemented on CDBurner XP, and by doing that, CDBurner XP will be one of the most complete and robust burning application that is not bloatware and also freeware.



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Hi Flo,

I have to confess, that I have no idea, what the contents of my data collection,

if I can burn it at all, has to do with specifying (or not) a number of copies. And even if

there was a problem with doing that for whatever special contents, then simply

refuse copies then.

I had to burn some thousand CDs/DVDs as contents of small series, with 10 to 20 units

each series last year. They were all my own files, there was not a single file of restricted

contents. And this feature would have been very usefull to me.

Can you point me to to the lines you are talking about "MP4...specify multi-copies restriction"

with a link, just for curiosity?

Thank you Flo!


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