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Burning from MDF file? (instead of ISO)

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Guest Vesicant

I am burning a dual-layer DVD+R, with a Sony DRU-830A, from an MDF file. I have a very limited supply of DL disks, and I'm low on HD space, so I don't really want to experiment. Mr. Google turned up nothing, so, here I am.

What I'm interested in, is whether or not files other than *.ISO could be used with the Burn disk from ISO file option. In particular, my MDF file. Has anyone tried it before?

Thank you for reading this.

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Guest Vesicant

Hah, would you look at that. I poked around on your forums, and found a link just 10 minutes later, that I think is going to solve my problem: http://www.ntfs.com/iso-burning.htm

Sorry to have been a bother. But, um, how do you do this...

[Possible] Feature Request: Burn from not only *.ISO, but from other files as well, a la Magic ISO.

P.S. I couldn't use Magic ISO to solve my problem because it doesn't support DL.


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The answer to most of these "how do I burn from xxx file" questions is simple: use a free virtual device driver such as Daemon-Tools to mount the MDF (or whatever) image file, then use CDBurnerXP as though you were copying the newly mounted "disc".

Works like a charm every time! :D

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