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I burnt some data files successfully to a Dysan CD-RW, but when I tried to burn the same files to an Imation DVD-RW I got a message "device Error (339973). Failure reserving DVD-RW track. Cannot Write Medium? Incompatable Format. -0x053005"

I have a Lite-on DVDRW LH-20AH.

Am I doing something wrong or am I expecting too much?

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I also have this error when i want to start burning a dvd-rw-media in Disc-at-once modus:

Device error:(339973) Could not write to disc (LBA: 0 Length: 32).

Cannot Write Medium ? Incompatible Format. - 0x053005

Is this a bug?

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I have also had problems with DVD+RW Disks, I burned DVD+RW disk and I can't read anything on that disk! at first I thought my DVD writer had broken as it took a long time to write the files and I had to re-boot my PC to get the disk out.

Any news why this should be.

Windows XP + SP2 and all updates.

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