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I was many times at the point to integrate CDBurnerXP in the installations I do for my customers. (We speak here about batches of 200-300 workstations.) But every time my decision felt to another software. CDBurner would have be the best tehnical selection, but in the business world you need more than that (reliability, support possibility, etc.) so I renounced. The biggest obstacle for CDBurnerXP to become a widespread piece of software is his developer and his infantile acting.


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Please explain why my actions are infantile. I'm not sure what kind of answer you expect. "No." - wouldn't make you happy. "Yes." would be lying. No answer wouldn't make you happy either. So except for expressing my infantile thoughts, the only option (in your opinion) would be to properly explain the reasons for doing or not doing something. But I won't do that usually, because admittedly just don't have much time for support (remember: I'm the only developer of CDBurnerXP and I'm not even doing it for a living).

So instead of complaining, you should actually try to convince me by giving good reasons for implementing a particular feature (though in this case good reasons alone won't suffice). Just don't force me to give good reasons. I may sound somewhat unfriendly or not very talkative at times, but I just don't have the time to be a perfect support guy. Sorry.

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Guest sanya18

try starting to type "subtitle" in google, the first recommendation will be subtitle workshop. This freaky tool supports 56 subtitle formats. why? only one would be enough...

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