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Keep getting Device/Could Not Write..../Write Protect Error

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Have read FAQa, diligently followed the instructions in (very good) "Guide for Copying... and "looked through posts but all to no avail. Hope someone can help. My system config:

Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop (Pentium 1.6GHz, 512MB RAM)


.NET framework installed

CDBurnerXP v4.0.013.220

Sony DVD+RW DW-D56A drive

I have previously successfully burnt CDs and DVDs (e.g., made a copy of a commercial DVD I own using RecordNow). Made sure PAL specified when converting .AVI in case problem was original was NTSC. As using DVD+R media selected "Disk at Once", did not change other default Burn settings. Have tried different .AVI in case .AVI of first film was corrupted. After each burn failure, rebooted and used a new DVD+R disc.

The error I get each time is:

"Device Error: (337664), Could not write to Disc (LBA:0 Length:32), Write Protect - 0x52700)

Any/all suggestions very welcome! Thanks

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me too.. what's the solution?

do i have to change the burner? or any other way like update firmware?

FYI, my burner is Slimtype DS-8A1P ... where to get the firmware? rpc1.org is down for a few weeks already.

help.. help..

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Guest racer

I get exactly the same error on a Dell Latitude D600 w/Sony drive and XPSP2

Drive only works with DVD+R, ignores DVD-R's completely.

Has anyone addressed the problem?

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