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"skip & gap" mistakes within a burned CD-R

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First of all, thank you for providing this very nice program to the public for "free". I'm not very computer literate, therefore, please excuse my sometimes awkward style of explaining my "problem". I have your program installed on my computer for quite a while already, but only since a week ago, have I really started burning CD's with it, using the "create a new audio CD, with or without gaps between the tracks" function.

Everything seems to work fine, and I get a "CD-R burned successfully" message, however, after listening to the burnt CD-R, I notice "skip & gap" mistakes on the recording (in the middle of songs). By the way, all of my source CD's are in perfect condition, therefore, any mistakes due to the quality of the source CD's can be ruled out. Could it be a "reading and temporary file storing " of the source CD mistake? If yes, would slowing down the "reading and temporary file storing" process of the source CD help? Is there a button on the CD Burner XP program where I can slow down the "reading and temporary file storing" function, and where can I find it?

Could there be another reason for my problem, what might it be, and how do I solve it?

Isn't there anyone who can help? :(

Thank you,


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