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DVD-R data discs not recognized by Win2000 SP4 after burn

Guest Ezra

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Guest Ezra

I used ver 2.2.9 to burn my MP3 collection to DVD-R discs for archiving. All MP3 files were in folders by album and artist. All MP3 files were stored on an NTFS volume on a Windows 2000, SP4 machine, with ASPI 4.60 installed prior to CDBurnerXP. Folder level was no more than three levels deep from the root of the DVD-R. I used Pioneer 106D DVD-/+RW drive and TDK 2X DVD-R discs.

CDBurnerXP Pro 2.2.9 was used and autodetected to set burn speed to 2X. All folders were dragged into compilation window and each disc was filled with 4.1GB of data files. The burns went successfully, since no error messages appeared. Each DVD-R disc appeared burned. One day later I went to look at the DVD-R discs and the drive that burned the discs would not recognize that a disc was inserted. The drive worked fine with other DVD-R discs burned with Nero.

I used Nero to save the tracks burned by CDBurnerXP Pro and the resulting ISO files can be mounted with Elby's Virtual Drive software and all the MP3 files are intact and available for use from the ISO files extracted from the discs burned with CDBurnerXP Pro, but Windows Explorer refuses to recognize that a disc is inserted into the drive.

Any thoughts? Or should I just wait to see what version 3 has in store for my MP3 collection. Thanks, but I'll be sticking to Nero. Nero burned discs seem to work fine and Nero rescued me from a total loss of very good MP3 files.

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