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New version, new icon, new German translator

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Hi everyone.

We just released CDBurnerXP which has a couple of nice additions and various important bug fixes. More infos in the changelog.

Notable as well, is our new icon - thanks to Nucleo for creating it :) We encourage you to update your websites accordingly if you link to CDBurnerXP.

Also, thanks to everyone who offered to help with the German translation. For now, we have a translator, but we'll get back to you if we need your help in the future.

We'd still appreciate though, if someone offered help with authoring the help file, it is still as incomplete as it has been on its initial release :?

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Guest TimeBandit

A GREATBIG! Thankyou , CD BURNER XP is super ,tried the big names and I prefer CD BURNER XP its easy to use and works everytime for me :)

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Is this the latest version in 2010?

I have been using it for a while but looking at the forum, I should be able to see it in Spanish... but I can't find a way to change the language! If the German version is up too, that would be great as well.

If not, I volunteer to help! I do English to Spanish Translation in my every day life, but I'm also a dedicated gamer and an advocate of the open source philosophy, so I'd be able to put a little time in (too bad I'm not a programmer, so language is all I can help wth).

Anyways, hope you can help change the language of CDBurner! Other than this, it's a very convenient piece of software, light and effective. Thank you!

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