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33-second bug

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Hi all,

I'm using CDBurnerXP in a Toshiba notebook (Satellite P105-S6147) running under Windows Vista Home Premium. The program reports a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-850 drive.

After I burned my first audio CD (wav -> CD) I noticed that one track had an audible glitch (very similar to old vinyl records BTW). Checking further I found out that all 17 burned tracks had similar glitches at exactly 33 seconds after the beginning of the tracks. Further tests and info:

- The tracks came from several different commercial CD's and were ripped using Audiograbber 1.83. The resulting wav files have no glitches, confirmed by listening them in Wave Player, Audacity and Har-Bal

- I ripped back one track from my CDBurnerXP burned CD and examined it in Audacity: no evident visible glitch (but audible yes)

- I burned a second CD with the same project and got the same result: glitches at 33 seconds in all tracks

Any ideas?


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I'd just like to confirm this: I too am get a glitch - audio CDs skip. It happens with every audio CD I burned with CDBurnerXP. The difference is that, here, it happens at 27s (on every disc) and only on the first track (this is probably because I use DAO, so I'd get gapless playback, rather than the default track at once).

I am using CDBurnerXP on Windows Vista Business x64. The burner is MSI DR8-A.

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