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Bulgarian translation (bg-BG)

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I like to try to translate this great program to bulgarian. As I understand need to translate strings.xml sile downloaded from forum, tags only and & letters optional. Am I righ or need to do something more?

Kind regards

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The translation in Bulgarian seems to be outdated or totally missing.

Thus I decided and created a new one for the latest version of the program, available from this site at the time of this posting.

Now I'd like to share my translation with other people...

...but well, how long should I wait for Translators membership approval?

Moreover, Bulgarian language (bg-BG) is missing in the translation upload page?

Lyubomir Simeonov

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Преводът на български език е включен в актуалния инсталационния пакет на програмата.

Тук ще предоставям предварителни корекции, за които иначе бихте чакали до следващата версия.

Архивът съдържа българския езиков пакет, готов за "употреба".

За да обновите езиковия пакет с най-актуалната версия, предоставена тук:

1) Излезте от програмата. (Уверете се, че програмата наистина е затворена, а не е скрита в системния панел.)

2) Разархивирайте сваления пакет с превода, в папката, където е инсталирана програмата. (Например при мен е "C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP").

3) Стартирайте отново програмата.

За да активирате българският език, ако това не стане автоматично:

1) Стартирайте програмата

2) Щракнете OK на първоначалния прозорец, за да се отвори нова компилация.

3) От менюто изберете File->Options и в диалога изберете Language: "български(България)"

4) Рестартирайте програмата.

За неточности, пишете във форума.

The Bulgarian translation of version 4.2.678 has been included into standard program package.

I provide a ready to use language file with future fixes for all users, who do not want to wait for the next official release.

Please, post here your comments and suggestions about translation. They would help me to further improve the translation.

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Hi everyone. CDBurnerXP is great program. I prefer it instead Nero, because it is easier to use it. I would like to translate your web site and help documentaion to Bulgarian language.

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Congratulations for your enthusiasm!

Translation of Help and FAQ section of this site is the most important and tedious part of the translation job. The fact that program GUI is translated would help you having BG screen shots.

The site has a built-in translation engine that automates the job.

If you are still enthusiastic you should post a personal email to Flo, who is site administrator and request web-translation permission as well as developers newsgroup membership.

Good luck!

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