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Help! CDBurner deletes itself for no reason...

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Hey there all!

First of all, to everybody who helped creating this program: Brilliant, this is probably the best

burning tool, ever! You people rock! Ever since Nero turned into a monstrous package of bul*sh*t;

and I had to look for something new, CDBurner was my love on first sight. Please all, keep the

good work up!

Enough love letter - here's my problem: I installed the program (v for the 5th (!!!) time now,

and every single time I install it, after about 3 to 7 days, the program is gone. It is just gone, as if

I never installed it... it is entirely gone from my system, no more program files, no more icons, no more

folders, just gone, as if it would have been clean uninstalled.

Ok, before I make a moron out of myself, here some background information: No I did not accidentally

uninstall it myself; no one else accesses my laptop / messes with it; no my virus killer (Kaspersky) did

not uninstall it or mess with it (Kaspersky often does weird things); no moronic windows application

spam/defence whatever thing harmed the installation (all deactivated).

Here some system info: Toshiba Laptop running on Windows Vista Business (SP1)

I keep on installing CDBurner againg and again, every time I need it, yet this is indeed quite annoying.

Any help from you cracks out there would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a whole lot in advance and all the very best!!!

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Hard to imagine actually. Maybe you can turn off the audo update feature and check if that makes any difference? This feature wouldn't uninstall CDBurnerXP in any situation though.

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