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Some burned files not appearing on discs - file systems prob

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Recently, I burned a DVD disc and verified the compilation successfully, but later couldn't find a file on it. Since the occupied space was greater than the combined size of all the files I found on the disc, I opened IsoBuster. I found that the disc had three file systems, ISO, Joliet and UDF (normal, with green icon) and that the file really was on the disc, but it, and the folder it was in, was not appearing in the UDF File system, even though it was listed in ISO and Joliet, and I was able to extract it to my hard drive without any problems. Last night, a similar thing happened with a CD, again it was verified correctly, but a file was missing in Total Commander and Windows Explorer.

I am using CDBurnerXP on Windows Vista Business x64. The burner is MSI DR8-A. The first disc was Verbatim DVD-R 16x, the second was a Verbatim 90min CD-R. Both were burned using the DAO method. Both missing files are large, the one on the DVD is about 1GB, and the one on the CD around 740MB (as I've said, it's a 90min/800MB disc). Over the previous three years, I've been using Neros 5 through 7 and haven't encountered similar problems.

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I am having a similar problem. I am trying to copy to cd a large file of photos. cdburnerxp starts the task, then just stops because the file is too large. Is there a program that can burn the large file onto multiple disks without me having to seperate the pics manually ?

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Guest ortho

i am having the same problem, i'm using nero on another computer and its burning them just fine. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

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