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Burning to multisession CD

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I am running Gigabyte P4 MB with intel 1.7ghz processor and windows xp pro. I recently installed a new Sony DVD burner. I then installed CD Burner XP Pro 2.2.6. Love the interface.

This is where I ran into a problem. I put a CD that had been burned before and was still open. The software saw the CD and the previous 6 sessions. I then imported the previous sessions, then the new file I wanted to burn. Then I told it to burn and the burn looked fine until I open the CD again. The last file I burned looked fine, but on the CD were 4 copies of each of the previous sessions!!!

LOL this is not exactly as i wanted it. The previous sessions were burned using Easy CD Creator 5.

I would like to know am I using the right procedures (importing the previous sessions before burning) or will CD Burner XP automatically pick them up and not delete them?

Any helpl is greatly appreciated

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