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Video DVD and filesystem (ISO and UDF)

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What exactly is it that the menu option "Video DVD layout..." does? Is it just creating VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders and setting filesystem to "ISO9660/UDF", and thats it?

From what I've found out Video DVD is using "UDF Bridge" filesystem, basically the combination of ISO 9660 Level 1 and UDF 1.02. The "Video DVD layout..." menu option does not set the ISO Level, shouldn't it have set it to level 1? Using IsoBuster after burning av data DVD with filesystem "ISO9660/UDF", it reports that the UDF filesystem written is 1.02, so this seems to conform to the Video DVD ("UDF Bridge") standard.

Regarding UDF revision, shouldn't it be possible to change this?

Is revision 1.02 implicit when you choose "ISO9660/UDF", is "ISO9660/UDF" used in CDBurnerXP as a kind of synonym for "UDF Bridge" for Video DVD writing? Or does CDBurnerXP always write UDF with revision 1.02?

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