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Drive speed anomaly

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Found a strange drive anomaly in v4.0.022.370. Vendor: HL-DT-ST Model: CDRW/DVD GCC4482 Lists two drive speeds. 48.0x and 571999.0x


Vendor: HL-DT-ST

Model: CDRW/DVD GCC4482

Firmware version: E107

Max write speed: 8450 KB/s

Max read speed: 8450 KB/s

Buffer size: 1.5 MB

Supported read features

Reads CD-R: Yes

Reads CD-RW: Yes

Reads DVD ROM: Yes

Reads DVD-R: Yes

Reads DVD-RW: No

Reads DVD-R Dual Layer: No

Reads DVD-Ram: No

Reads DVD+RW: Yes

Reads DVD+R: Yes

Reads DVD+R Dual Layer: Yes

Reads Blue-Ray (BD-R): No

Reads Blue-Ray (BD-ROM): No

Reads Blue-Ray (BD-RE): No

Reads HD DVD-R): No

Reads HD DVD-ROM: No

Reads HD DVD-RAM: No

Reads Mode2 Form1: Yes

Reads Mode2 Form2: Yes

Reads multisession: Yes

Reads FP Method2: Yes

Reads RW: No

Reads ISRC: Yes

Reads UPC: Yes

Reads bar code: No

Reads RW SubDeint: No

Reads PW LeadIn: Yes

Reads CD Text: Yes

Supported write features

Writes CD-R: Yes

Writes CD-RW: Yes

Writes DVD-R: No

Writes DVD-RW: No

Writes DVD-R Dual Layer: No

Writes DVD-R Dual Layer (LJ): No

Writes DVD-RAM: No

Writes DVD+RW: No

Writes DVD+R: No

Writes DVD+R Dual Layer: No

Writes Blue-Ray (BD-R): No

Writes Blue-Ray (BD-RE): No

Writes HD DVD-ROM: No

Writes HD DVD-RAM: No

Write simulation: Yes

Supports buffer underrun protection: Yes

Writes Mode DAO: Yes

Writes Mode DAO 96 Packet Write: Yes

Writes Mode DAO 96 Raw Write: Yes

Writes Mode DAO 16: Yes

Writes Mode RAW DAO: No

Writes Mode DAO CD Text: Yes

Writes Mode SAO: Yes

Writes Mode TAO: Yes

Writes Mode Packet Write: Yes

Writes CD Text: Yes

Misc features

Supports C2 pointers: Yes

Plays audio: Yes

Delivers composite: No

Supports digital port 1: No

Supports digital port 2: No

Uses CDDA Cmd: Yes

Accurate CDDA: Yes

Lock supported: Yes

Lock state: No

Prevent allow jumper: No

Eject supported: Yes

Supports separate volume: Yes

Supports mute separate: Yes

Supports DiscPresent: No

SW slot select: No

Supports side change: No

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