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New Major version - 3.0.116

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Flo, if you and your team can hurry with the final version of 3.5, you should rush it a little.

In January 2005, they will be voting whether a package of copyright bills can be altered, among these bills is a file sharing law that basically says no media (with the emphasis on the movie industry) can be copied without the owners concent.

This is especially bad for CDBurner XP Pro and similar products since customers will not be able to transfer or convert media to their hard drive let alone burned to a disk.

If that is wanted, Microsoft has to be informed and the request granted, plus the company that put out the CD and movie must also be informed with a PayPal transaction.

Digital cameras as well as video cameras won't be intigrated into cellphones.

There will be no point to a "TV out" on you computer, and real.com will be out of business.

You may not fast forward commecials next year or you will be fined, although you may skip over content to censor the movie if you are able to.

This means DVD recorders (the new replacement for VCRs) will have new copyright hardware in them, which makes copying impossible, for if the copyright protection fails, the recorder will stop working until you pay a large fee to the manufacturer.

Something in the recoder will also stop you from skipping commercials.

Canada MIGHT get the worst of the deal.

They would have to pay a large levy for every bit of Web content downloadable, which means the only thing you will see on the .ca domain is the txt Notepad format, unless permission is granted from the owners and a large sum is paid, for instance the WB will keep all the Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Spike pictures, and fanfiction will be a thing of the past.

The Candian proposal also entitles the user to download "free" music for personal non commercial use (for a small fee), but it must not be shared with anyone, however you basically have no rights if you give permission or employ somone to give you any media at all, such as your own wedding photos taken by a professional photographer.

The anti spyware package in America includes wording that would hault any progress made on your program, even if it doesn't contain spyware, so version 3.5 may be the last version (and build) available.

The other reason I don't want these laws to go through, is that my illegal progam (Canadain script) was downloaded when it was legal (October 2004), but next year I might have to stop using it.

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The anti spyware package in America includes wording that would hault any progress made on your program, even if it doesn't contain spyware, so version 3.5 may be the last version (and build) available.

Erm, sorry, I don't understand that. Why should someone be able to stop us developing CDBXPP? I doubt that anyone can permit us to release new versions of CDBXPP ;)

If you can't get them, because you live in canada (don't know what's going on over there), then we can't help you. Also, the first beta is planned for end of this year, so you can be SURE that there will be no final version before Feb 2005.

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Guest Ezh

Offtopic on.

> That is a lie which was created when we were a part of USSR. Our languages are as similar as English and French for example.

Very, very funny. :) Why then I could understand Ukranian even I never learned it? Both are Slavic languages and similar. When you hate Russia and Russians it is yours personal problem, but do not make other people foolish about Russian-Ukrainian relationship.

PS Russian and 25% Ukrainian from Estonia. Also ex-USSR. :)

Offtopic off.

When is the beta planned? May we see a list about what's new in there?

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