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CDBurnerXP blocked by DVD-R disc

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When I use DVD+R(16X) in my DVD burner everything is OK

But if I insert a DVD-R(8X), CDburnerXP seems blocked.

So,it is not possible to navigate in the browser window and

the response to the mouse click is very very long.

Starting burning is impossible.

I observe that the hard disc led remains ON and the DVD burner

led come OFF a few seconds after I insert the DVD as usual

Nevertheless the Windows task manager indicate that the CPU

is totaly used by the system idle process.

My computer:

Windows XP SP2 family recently updated.

CPU AMD Athlon 1800+

1Go Ram

40 Go HDD

one CD reader

one CD/DVD burner

My DVD Burner:

Lite-on DH 20A-3H


DVD+R 20X max

DVD-R 20X max


16X max

My CDBurnerXP version:

Thank you for your help

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Yep I'm having the exact same issue, CDBurner version is, I have tried both 8xDVD-R and 16xDVD-R (Infinity), computer is :-

Athlon XP64 AM2, X6000, 2G of 800MHz DDR2, SATA hard disks, and SATA DVD burner (Optiarc DVD RW AD-7191S, which is lightscribe compatible if that is significant). OS is Windows XP Pro with SP2, and updates.

If I start up CDBurner with a DVD-R in the drive it will scan the writer, and then will block with the hard disk light on, it will respond but very slowly, task manager indicates that it is not using any CPU time.

If I startup CDBurner with no disk in the drive, then it will start up ok, and respond normally until I insert a DVR-R, at which point it will scan the DVD drive and then block as above.

CDBurner is fine with both CDR and DVD+R/DL media, so it specifically seems to be related to DVD-R media, also the failing DVD-R media workperfectly using Nero, so I suspect that it is indeed a problem with CDBurner.



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I've recently just got a new Dell machine at work with CDBurnerXP, I've triend burning DVD-R and have been successful, 3 dvds out of 7 burnt ok the others altho it said it was succesful and verified were useless. couldn't access the files or play them in a dvd player. not a good sucess rate.....

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Hi natphonics,

I have had the same problem since the release of cdburner 4.x! I found myself using 3.5 alpha with netframework runtime libraries. I don't use netframework so I use the runtime program 1.1 with cdburner pro 3.5 alpha. I never had had a problem with this version(It does have little bugs which doesn't effect it's performance). It's always been reliable in windows xp! I suspect it's netframework 2.0 and newer that is causing problems for folks like yourself! The newer netframework versions seemed to be very buggy. I've gone on the Microsoft forums and read all the problems with NetFramework. It's bad news to use any Netframework above 1.1. I wish the developers of cdburner pro would dump Netframework! It just causes problems for many folks like yourself and others including me! When a program doesn't uninstall completely and you have to use another uninstaller just to completely remove the program from your computer - That's Bad! This is the case with Netframework 2.0 and above! Try using cdburner pro 3.5 alpha if you are not using the big headache Vista! Blank cd's are the case with cdburner pro 4.x! I don't like wasting good cd's on a program that doesn't work properly! By the way I beta tested Windows XP SP3 for Microsoft! Good Service Pack. Go to their forum for sp3!

Take Care


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I see the same problem as the original poster, but only when I insert a blank DVD-R disk. I can add a session to an existing DVD-R disk.

Windows XP Pro SP3


Sony DRU-180A

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