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Burns ISO onto DVD unsuccessfully, no on-screen progress

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I tried burning a 2.49 GB ISO file onto a DVD-R, but no progress was shown on screen except for the elapsed time.

The burner's light was blinking for the first 20 minutes, which according to my calculations is the required time to record the image (at 2X speed). For another 12 minutes, it did not blink any more. The recorder burned the ISO image onto disc but CDBXP did not show any progress.

Cancelling the burn process did not yield anything other than the repeated entry in the log. I ejected the DVD and it came out fine. I ended the process of CDBXP in Task Manager, then tried the DVD, but it did not work at all. Checking the burning surface of the DVD, I found that it had been burned to the 2.5 GB mark (considering the total capacity is 4.3GB).

I am yet to try booting the DVD (it is bootable), and also yet to try it after restarting the computer. I will let you know of the results.



CDBurner XP:

System Configuration: Laptop/Tablet PC

Drive: Slimtype DVDRW SLW-831S [WRS1, 2MB buffer]

Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz

Memory: 1022 MB [1GB]

Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate

DVD Technology: DVD-R Single Layer (not DVD+R)

PS: :firefox:

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I have similar difficulties:

Please see post by NOBEIN, feb 28, 2008 ''help, create bootable DVD'

I created a ISO from 3-recovery CD. Burned that ISO on to DVD and to make it Bootable I used, 'Boot.ima' file that I downloadedd from CDBurnXP site. I have the complete burned DVD. I am afraid to try it. For lack of knowledge that WHAT happens if it runs Halfway through and then Quits? My laptop that is need of bad Recovery CD use, will then be completely gone. Right now I get at least Internet Browsing.


Averatec laptop AMD 2.0 Ghz 712 Mb of this barely 412 Mb is used by the system I do not know what it does with the remaining.

Slimtype DVDRW/ CD ROM SOSW-833S the CD-ROM will not Run Recovery CD that is brand new never used. Nor willl CD-ROM run read any other CD-ROM, including professional music, or software installation from Microsoft.

I am not a techie. I could benefit from your knowledge, if would look at my post and have any thing to offer. Meantime, if some one helps me with my post, I should be pleased to let you know of the results.

By the way, bruing ISO, was a much like a routine task. First time I used CDBurnerXP it does the job.

Before CDBurnerXP, I tired following two bruners...

1. ULTRA ISO ... here the Freeware limits you to 300 Mb ISO

2. DP Simple Burner 1.2 Beata, this can convert BIN to ISO as well burn it too, I only used it to burn regular DVD jpeg files

not yet tired the ISO.


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