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Burnt DVDs won't play on Sony DVD player

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Am using CDBurner to try to burn movies to DVD for playing on my Sony DVD player. The utility seems to create and copy the AUDIO_TS and VIEDO_TS folders ok and puts the files into the correct folder but when I attempt to play the DVD on my Sony it doesn't work at all. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Cheers.... 8)

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Guest hawkwind dave

this is a common problem with some sony dvd & cd players. You could try turning off the player with the disc inside and then turning it back on again (does work with cd players but not sure about dvd players).

It's a case of sony being a publisher as well as a manufacturer, they dont want us watching potentially pirated material on their equipment.

best bet is to pop to Asda, spend 15-20 quid on a cheap dvd player and use that instead

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