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I'm in charge of the Spanish (Mexico) Translation, I've just downloaded a new resx file, when I use the compareResx tool in order to see the changes, I found that the new resx file has


Changes and


which obviously are expected since this is a newer and updated file.

So my question is:

I've already made the translation of an "old" resx file, and have a Strings.es-MX.resx (spanish mexico translation) file.

Is there a way that I can merge, update or combine the Additions, Changes and Removals into my already translated Strings.es-MX.resx file?

Perhaps other translators have done that before and have some tips?

I'm not quite sure if by using the "update file" option on the compareResx tool with my Strings.es-MX.resx file will indeed do all the Additions, changes and removals?

Thanks and sorry if it's a dumb question


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You can use this tool to add all new strings to your already translated file (so that you can translate them) and removes old unused strings from your file. If it shows changes in strings (only valid if you compare old and new english file) the wording of the english text has changed and may or may not require an update in your translation.

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