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  1. Yep. tried that. All that I get in the write audio dialogue box under options is Test write, Write at once (etc), Writing speed and Detect optimal speed. I'm basically missing the options on the image I see in the helpfile. Also on the second burn icon at the middle left all I get from the down arrows is the space for two options but there is no writing visible at all. As I said, I have no idea what I'm doing. Is it the case that compiling audio cds has automatic finalising?
  2. Hi am a very new user to CDBXP Pro and an almost as new computer user. So forgive my ignorance. I have encountered a bit of a problem which hopefully someone can answer for me. After having installed and used CBBXP I find that when I get to the write disc options, I have none of the options apart from test write and specifically no option to switch off the finalize disc. No options also appear in the pulldowns from the burn disc button. I have ploughed throough the help and anything else i can think of but have no idea what's up. I have my suspicions that it may have something to do with the cd-rw I am using which is specifically for audio. But I'll admit I'm clutching at straws. Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated as I am looking forward to using CDBXP effectively. Thanks
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