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[C] Problems with help documentation

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To make a bootable disc.

At the bottom of the page we can read:

"For Windows NT/2000/XP boot images, disable ISO version number extension (;1) and do *not* enforce ISO Level 1 ."

And, if we go "http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=359", we can read:

1.) Set Emulation Type: to NoEmulation (NT/2000/XP boot images)

2.) Set Load Segment: to 0000.

3.) Set Sectors: to 4.

4.) Check the Disable ISO File Delimeters (;1) checkbox.

5.) Check the Enforce ISO Level1 (8+3 char max.) checkbox.

6.) Click the OK button.

So we should enforce or not enforce "ISO Level 1..."?

J. Drillon

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