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Option: logfile

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I suggest the option to log which files have been burned onto a CD or DVD. Each entry should have a timestamp of the burning time, starting with the date, then the time and finally the full path to the file (that is including the drive too). If you want to make it maximal flexible, you could offer logging the last modified date/time and size of the written file too.

This would have been useful to me on several occasions already.

I personally don't need to have the folder logged where on the CD the file is written into, but maybe others might find it useful.

The option page should offer a checkbox called "Enable logging".

There are more checkboxes, which allow to control what should be logged.

The first three are logged once per CD/DVD written:

[X] Volume Label

[X] Recorder Information

[ ] Disc Information

The next are one line per file

[X] Date/Time when file was burned (should use local setting of date/time format)

[X] include full source path

[X] Last modified date/time of file

[X] file size

[ ] include full destination path

If none of the five is selected, then only the filename goes into the line. Actually for maximum flexibility you could put up a checkbox with the filename too. This would allow to just log, e.g. filesizes if the filenames are somehow sensitive (although I would deem this a rather strange setting).

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What kind of occasions are that?

The obvious usefulness is having a log of what I already have backed up and when it was done (without having to search a bunch of CDs or using an additional inventory program running after each burn - which could be forgotten being done.)

There was another use that is rather unlikely to be encountered by others, but since you asked: :-)

Occasionally I took digital pictures for other people who either didn't have a digital camera or had forgotten to bring theirs. Usually I immediately burned the pictures onto a CD and handed it out next time meeting them; sometimes I lost track which ones I already burned and which one not yet; additionally I don't want to keep those pictures in my own archive, so I ask them to confirm that they could read the CD and then I delete the pictures from my hard disk (and let them know that I am doing that!). But how do I politely handle the situation when somebody asks to be given those pictures I haven't burned onto a CD yet and I lost track myself? (I am not going to blame my boss that he is as chaotic as I am; luckily CD-R's are cheap and he doesn't mind having some duplicate CDs)

Just realized, that it could also be useful to find out whether others are using the DVD burner without asking. Of course, we can catch only people not knowing about this capability and sticking to the only burner software installed (but I will consider locking down the machine anyway).

Sorry for the unrelated question: : why is version no longer displaying the version in the about box?

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