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follow up, to post, 'help, Create Bootable DVD

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This the follow up work I did, after my first post "help, Create Bootable DVD



Here is latest on RECOVERY DVD. My drive is DVD RW / CD - ROM. CD - ROM does not read not even Profesional Install CD, like Microsoft Win XP Home. System Revcovery disks, that came with My Laptop are on CD - disks ( 3 disks ) so I can not Run Revovery CD. My operating system is not behaving normal. Pops up all kind of message windows, at any given time, and will stop any software from woking. Only way to stop is, 'CTRL + ALT + DEL.' Even Reboot, sometimes.

So I began to look for ways to make Rcovery DVD, instead of CD, since DVD RW works, both Read and Write. In search, found CDBurneeXP. Here is what I created, with CDBurnerXP....

1. Created Folder C:\OS

2. Created Sub folders, BOOT & ROOT in the folder OS

3. So the forlders structure is....




4. Copied all the contents of 3 - Original Recovery CD into a Folder "c:\OS\ROOT" that is, in "ROOT" folder.

This I did using, External Optical Drive, 'Sony CD - RW / CD - ROM'

5. Downloaded Boot image from CDBurnerXP site, called BOOT.IMA

6. Put the 'BOOT.IMA' file in the folder, "C:\OS\BOOT" that is in "BOOT" folder.

7. Inserted Blank DVD + RW disk into Drive.

8. Loaded, CDBurnerXP

9. Put all the Contents of the Folder "C:\OS" into the Bottom Right hand pan of CDBurnerXP.

10 Selected make this a BOOTABLE DISK.... from menu.

11. Filled out the necessary BOOT DISK info, and Pointed it to, the BOOT.IMA file in "C:\OS\BOOT"

12. Now created the ISO from this information, in the CDBurnerXP.

13. Burned that ISO on the DVD + RW disk in the Drive.

14. NEXT it is time to TEST the Disk.

To do this,

15. The Recover Procedure for my systems informs me, to Put the Recover Disk ( in this case it will be the DVD + RW

that I created as above. Since my CD - ROM will not Read the Recovery CD ) in the Drive.

16. Boot the laptop.

17. Hit, "DELETE" key as the 'Logo' shows up. Follow the on screen instructions that is, nothing more than Click "OK" on

couple Screens that Popup. Then sit back till it finishes Running Recovery DVD.

At this Point to Completing steps 14 through 17, seems Hazardous..!. My worry, is IF the DVD + RW Recovery does not run complete, then my system will be rendered useless. At present I can browse at least INTERNET, will be gone for good. However, I still need to know What have I created.

So, with Laptop already booted up, I inserted the DVD + RW in the drive and let it run. Surprisingly, the drive spins a bit, and then, pops up, on Dekstop a Screen, with Options, as to, What I would like to do, Much llike you get with, Professional Software, like WINDOWS XP or OFFICE or similar..... here are the Options that I get...

a. "Help" ... on clicking this link HTML files opens up give more instructions How to Run Recovery CD disks..

b. "Run Recovery"" ... This I "CAN NOT" Try since, I am not certain, IF everything will go well.

c. "Browse this Disk" ..This I clicked and it Opened a new Window with the contents of the DVD + RW..

as mentioned in the beginning that it contains all the files that were on the 3 - orginal CD Disks that, I

downloaded, using External Sony CD - RW. So the contents need not be browsed further.

So at this point I could benefit, from "Some one more knowledgable giving a couple pointers, that Running DVD + RW Recovery Disk that I created will work good." So I can go ahead and do it. Else, I need to continue searching answer to this.

I did try to use the External Sony CD - RW / CD - ROM to run the Original Recovery CD. Difficulty here is, the Recovery Procedure. This says, instert First Disk into Drive, Boot the system. Upon seeing the "Logo" system of course, Hit, "DEL" key. The trouble here is that, the external drive, using USB connection, is not connected till the system boots.

Looked at the BIOS settings. This is set to load FIRST from the Optical Drive in my case DVD + RW / CD - ROM on the laptop. Then from HD on the laptop. There is no Option available to SET BIOS to load from External Optical Drive. So that the External Sony is helpless.

My operating system is corrupted real bad. I even got new Optical Drive, LG GSA T20N super multi drive. So I can run Recovery CD. My System will not recongize it. To check if the drive is okay, I used second laptop COMPAQ. Here the drive works.

Help on getting the laptop back to normal is appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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