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Guest ctc

DVD Video Play Malfunction in Sony PS2

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Guest ctc

I am new to dvd video burning so forgive me if I am making silly mistakes.

I created my dvd-video using adobe premier elements 2.0 and since the computer that that program is on doesn't have a dvd-rw, I burned the dvd to my hard drive. The program created a folder named 20080315_214327 with subfolders OpenDVD and VIDEO_TS.

I then changed computers to the one that has a dvd-rw and on which I installed CDBurnerXP. I am confused by the CDBurnerXP interface, upon program launch the choices don't include creating a DVD video, only create data cd/dvd or audio cd!? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but since "create data cd/dvd" included the term "dvd" thats what I clicked on.

OK, now what? Your "Most Common Questions and Answers" gave me a clue Q: Why does the burned DVD not work in my DVD Player? A: You have to burn a Video-DVD using the UDF file format which is only supported by CDBurnerXP 4.0 and higher (File → DVD Video layout). I honestly have no idea what "UDF file format" is but the interface to browse to the location of my dvd image seemed familiar enough.

My first attempt at collapsing the directory tree structure so that I could navigate to the dvd-video file location created an error, of which I sent the error report. On my subsequent attempts I was confused that the program didn't recognise the folder "20080315_214327" for burning. It also didn't recognize the subfolder OpenDVD. It did however find multiple files in the VIDEO_TS subfolder, so I clicked on "create movie image". I received the message that the dvd-video image was added successfully! I then burned the dvd.

The subsequent dvd plays in both of my dell computers but when I attempt to play it in my Sony PS2 I receive the message that there was a malfunction and the play was stopped. Since the people that I plan on giving this dvd to will play it in dvd players, and not computers, I am concerned that I am going down the wrong path and that they too won't be able to play the dvd.

Any guidance on this matter will be appreciated.

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