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[C] support for m4a audio files

Do you think it's useful for CDBurner XP to support m4a audio files?  

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  1. 1. Do you think it's useful for CDBurner XP to support m4a audio files?

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yesterday I was helping my wife to burn an audio CD from his audio files, My wife has her music in m4a format.

I noticed that CDburnerXP doesn't support m4a audio files !

I think it should be a great Idea to have such support implemented, I think it's not complicated since as with other audio formats, just the Codec/decoder is needed.

I hope to see this in a future release.


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It's a fact that Mp4 or m4a is not as popular as mp3 or other audio formats.

but also many users that have mp3s also have m4a files, If CDBurner XP currently supports mp3, wav, ogg, flac and wma files, I think it would be great to add m4a support. If not such users will not be able to burn their m4a files directly and they would need to transcode them to mp3 or other compatible audio format with CDBurner XP and that means quality loss.

anyway, that's just my 50 cents.



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I don't know much about mp4 format, but what I know is that audio mp4 files are either m4a or m4p.

the m4a are the most popular and they are not protected (DRM-free) while the m4p are not so popular because they are protected (DRM copy protected content)

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Guest CDBurnerXP User

Unfortunately looks like it's still not supported. Any news on when this may be implemented? :-)

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Guest music informer

The thing is, .m4p and .m4a files mostly come from iTunes. I hope all of you out there didn't spend too much money already, because iTunes is NOT the place to buy music from. They don't sell you .mp3 music, but instead they sell you these other 2 weird formats, one with copy protection and one without. (.m4p is protected, .m4a isn't)

These files (.m4p and .m4a) generally only play in iTunes or on an iPod. This is definitely not good. It's too limited! So what's the answer then? The best place to buy music online is www.Amazon.com/MP3

At Amazon.com, they sell NORMAL .mp3 files that have no "protection" on them. (read about "protection" below) They are high quality songs that will play on ANYTHING, including iTunes and any iPod. The prices are the same or cheaper than iTunes and there are lots of sales and also some free music.

By the way, "copy protection", which is also known as DRM, (Digital Rights Management) is a horrible thing that cripples your files. iTunes songs in .m4p format have DRM. The reason they ruin your songs like that is because they're trying to stop the people who steal music and download songs for free illegally. Yes, those thieves should be stopped, but so far DRM only hurts the honest paying customers. The thieves are still able to steal music all the time, but paying customers have to deal with all kinds of problems because of DRM.

Fortunately, www.amazon.com/mp3 is a store that's smart enough to know that DRM isn't good, so they sell their songs without it! It's the best online music store, so do yourself a favor and if you don't already shop there, make the switch!

PS eMusic is also a good store to buy from. They don't have all of the same modern popular songs you'll find at www.amazon.com/mp3, but they do have a lot to choose from and they also sell music without DRM. They charge a certain amount of money for a certain number of downloads in a month, but you get to keep them forever - once you buy songs from eMusic, you keep them, they're yours. It's not a subscription that ends as soon as you stop paying, like some other services.

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Guest someoneelse

Mp3 is a ancient format.

M4a gives a much better quality compared to the file size it produces.

Most new devices support m4a.

Now my car radio does not support any of those fancy digital files and requires cd's.

Therefore it whould be nice to convert m4a to cd. because my entire music collection is m4a.

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Can you suggest a codec in order to burn an itunes m4a file to an audio CD format? It is a lot easier to use CDBurnerXP than itunes to burn tracks. btw, I like CDBurnerXP a lot, and I recommend it.


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