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Can CDBurnerXP do what is stated as below for burning a Linux CD:

"Select the KNOPPIX_Vxxxxxxxxx.iso as filename of the image.

Select 2048 Bytes/Sector as the correct data format (see Bild 2 WinOnCD German Edition).

Burn your CD as a "Single Session CD" or select finalize."

Thank you

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An iso image is a bit by bit image of a CD that follows the iso format. It really doesn't matter if the image is for a Linux CD or Windows CD, as the iso format is cross platform compatible.

So- yes you can create a Knoppix CD from an iso image (BTW, check out the Morphix distributions).

A point for those less computer savvy, even though the CD can be read in different OSes, the programs on the CD may be for a specific OS and can only be run by that OS. However,data files like pdf and other commonly used files can be read by the correct program in whaterver OS you are using

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