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We found a BUG about the CDBurnerXP.

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We found a BUG about the CDBurnerXP.

The CDBurnerXP often STOPS in the burning.

Testing process:

1. Open CDBurnerXP,close "Select new projects" window.

2. Choose toolbar of window the penultimate "i" button.

3. In the "About" window,the white subtitles scroll up very smooth.Takes the comparison by this case(Case 1).

4. Close "About" window, and select the first butten 'New' on the toolbar......

5. In the "Select new projects" window, Presses down the "Create Data CD / DVD" button……

6. The new compilation was build.Open "About" window,We can see the white subtitles scroll up and stop one second in three seconds.This is Case 2,it maybe indicated the question in real-time of program.

7. Close "About" window.Put a CD/DVD Disk(especially CD-R) into the optical drive.

8. Open the "About" window.We found that the white subtitles scroll up always stops(Case 3).Case 3 Contrast sharply with Case 1 and Case 2.And the user Will obviously feel the late of response while using the main menu.The whole program becomes very slow to respond.The optical drive often stops in burning,it looks like the buffer memory to be insufficient.This case Influence disc-burning quality and increase users' time for wait.

Testing environment:

CDBurnerXP lastest in 2007)

OS:Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

CPU:AMD Sempron 2500+/2800+


RAM:DDR 400 512MB/1GB



We like CDBurnerXP very much.I hoped that it's the question which appears only on ours computer.We hoped that you search the reason as far as possible and solve it.Please forgive that my English is so bad ^_^.

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