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CDBurnerXP accessibility options

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Good day

I'm new here, so please go easy (:

I have a particular bug-bear with applications which don't acknowledge and adhere to system colors as defined by the user. The first level is purely aesthetic: I want all my apps to look like they "fit together". The second is from an accessibility point of view, because there are some people who just can't read when certain color combinations are in play.

The two alternatives that I really like are:

1) obey system colors


2) if you really want to funk out on colors, let the user choose.

A classic example of where I want to use this is when I started up CDBurnerXP to create an audio cd. My system is set up with mod-to-dark toned greys, and the audio tracks come up in baby blue -- not very readable. For me, it's just an inconvenience, but for a friend of mine who has serious eye issues, it makes the app unusable if he can't dictate the colors it works in.

Please don't get me wrong -- I'm not, by any means, shooting down this project -- it's a great piece of software, and something sorely missing from a default windows installation (a default Linux installation would have a cd/dvd burner in it, if it were one of the better distros, but Microsoft seems content to basically give you an unstable shell and notepad...). I love the software and the project.I advocate to other windows users. I would just really love some accessibility options to be included.


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Sorry for taking so long to reply -- I completely forgot about this until I wanted to use CDBurnerXP again today (:

Here's a partial screenshot of what I'm talking about: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dhpq2f4b_1f2pvffcs

But the principle should be extended to any places where custom colors are used in the application -- there could just be a small dialog where you can choose a pallette of colors, which are used wherever you guys want to use colors to differentiate things. This dialog could also have, for example, a "load from system colors" button that chooses sane colors from the colors already assigned by the user to elements of the windows UI. So, for instance, the startup background screen could also choose the "application background" color for itself, instead of being bright blue. Again, for me it's just an inconsistency with the rest of my UI -- for a guy like that friend of mine who I mentioned, that bright blue appears to bleed into the dialog asking what type of compilation the user wants to make, making reading it a little bit tricky.

Thanks again for the time you guys spend on this.

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