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[X] CDburnerXP - Fills up my HD each time I burn???

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I just downloaded the latest version of CDburnerXP (as of last week) as a trial from my usual Nero burning methods.

At first everything appeared to be working very well and the burned media worked perfectly in my car stereo, as well as a friends CD player at home.

What was not so obvious was that each time I burned a disc a huge amount of data must have been written to the HD and for the life of me I could not find out what or where the files were?

I tend to partition my hard drives and have a smaller C: partition of 20GB or so, normally with around 2~3GB of free space recently.

Last night I used CDburnerXP with 1.45GB of space free (on C:) to make a single Audio CD from an mp3 track and by the time the error message came up on the screen telling me I had insufficient hard drive space to burn the CD, I was down to 38kb (or suchlike) on my C: drive. :shock:

I used a 3rd party disk clearing program to get rid of temporary files and managed to scrape out 6GB of disc space.

Right now I'm reluctant to continue using CDburnerXP as it appears to simply "fill up" my hard drive each time I burn a file?

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?


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