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I'm new to this forum but I searched the forum archive and FAQs before posting. I did not find anything about the number of MP3 tracks being limited to 99. With other applications, e.g., Roxio, the only limit seems to be the capacity of the disk. Is this 99-track limit limit purposely built into the software? Is there a workaround?


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Re. Flo pointer to Red Book standard at Wikipedia. Yes, I see that so I wonder how it is that I've made a number of Beatles only CDs with 135 MP3 tracks (with Roxio Creator Classic)? The disks play fine, right through to the last track.

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Ok so I know this is an old thread, but any chance that this limit will change? My car stereo indicates it can handle an audio cd with 255 mp3 in a single folder. I like this application and how I can change the track order in the audio cd section without needing to number each file, but I am trying to burn an mp3 cd that has 180 songs. Does anyone know a work around?

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I regret in advance if my question is OT but my question is similar.

I'm developing a software (VB.NET) i've a task that  copy a small file to a CD/DVD daily.

I'm currently using Win IMAPI and the problem i'm facing is that every day, each copy close a session so the media usabiity is shorter than what could be!

is there any chance to copy the file (daily) without closing the session? In this case the life of a media would be longer and safer!

The files shouldn't be deleted/modified...

I hope i've been clear enough!!!

Thanks in advance



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