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REQ : automatic erase+burn on non-blank RW media

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Hi there

Allow me one more feature request : better RW erasing integration.

Situation today : user wants to start burning on a non-blank RW media. He's kindly reminded that CDXP can't write on an existing, closed, non-blank media.

Request : options menu that would allow the user to select his preferrred choice :

If a non-blank, closed, RW media is found when starting burning :

[ ] tell the user to get lost and erase the media before trying to burn onto it

[ ] ask him (just like Nero does) if he wants CDBXP to erase it for him before the burn start

[ ] don't ask, just erase then burn

In my situation, this is the third option that interests me the most. When I'm inserting a RW media, I know I've probably already used it and it's not empty. So I always want my burn tool to erase it before burning.

Let me know what you think of it.

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